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Mobile Applications have made our lives easier but have increased our mental stress

Mobile Applications and Development.

Mobile Application Development and the impacts they have on our lives.

Smartphones are an essential part of our lives. What do you do when you get up in the morning? You first check your phones to see whether there is a notification or not. From dusk to dawn we use smartphones every time. It is probably the last thing you see before you go to sleep and the first thing you see when you wake up. In every aspect of our life smartphones play an important role. An important part of smartphones is App. It has impacted our lives to a huge extent.

Let’s have a look at how these apps affect our lives.

Made our life easier

From ordering a meal to shopping online and getting our house cleaned. Also to book a cab ride and to navigate ways we are all dependent on smartphones. It made everything possible. All this was a luxury a decade ago but now all of it is a necessity. It has revolutionized the way we work, play, communicate and shop.

With the help of social networking sites, we get to know everything about a person who is very far from us. Video calling reduced the distance.

Shopping apps have saved a lot of time which was earlier spent in malls and markets. Health maintaining apps help you to keep track of how many calories you’re burning every day and advice you on how to burn more the next day.

There are applications for students as well which provide tutorials to the students to understand a topic.

Uber and Ola are trending too. You can easily book a cab and go out.

Music applications allow you to listen to any song you want to. It searches any song which was released 3 decades ago and plays it on your phone.

MS word application allows you to work on your phone and prepare any document and presentation. No need to carry a laptop when you have your smartphone in your hand.

Made our lives easier at the cost of??

Mobile applications though have made our lives easier but it also has impacted our lives in a negative way as well. Somewhere it has increased our mental stress. Recent studies say that using a mobile phone the whole day can lead to depression. Also as everything is just a click away it has reduced our physical work very much. People now prefer sitting at home and ordering from apps.

Social networking apps though have connected us to people far from us but it has distanced us from people near us. All we do is just be busy on our phones. We have conversations on phone and no conversations in real life. This is bringing us virtually close and in reality distancing us.

Mobile applications though have a very good impact on our lives but we cannot neglect the negative side of them. We need to learn to use them wisely so that we are not completely dependent on them.


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