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Motorists in Nakuru City queue for fuel for long hours due to fuel shortage

Despite the government’s announcement that petrol supply would return to normal after the oil marketers were paid, Kenyan motorists have faced another week of severe shortages. At various filling stations, notably the Shell V-Power Petrol Station in Westlands, Nairobi, there have been long lines of motorists and boda boda riders that might easily be mistaken for typical traffic congestion.

In a mid-morning interview on Tuesday, a car owner described how he waited for an hour at a petrol station to be served. “I’m meant to be at work, but I’m being forced to wait for service,” he explained. “This is something the administration should have addressed since there is a lot of corruption,” he continued. According to Ken, the crisis is having a cascading impact on the country’s production and economic status.
The shortfall, according to a cab driver, has impacted his daily journeys and earnings. “On a typical day, I would spend Sh1,500 on petrol and, by 10 a.m., I would have recouped the money and made a profit thanks to the several trips I make between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. But, because of the fuel situation, I’ve only made two journeys so far, and it’s already 11 a.m “he stated

Passengers and motorists are missing family celebrations and other significant rituals due to the crippling scarcity in other regions of the country. Outside of Nairobi, fuel shortages began over the weekend, and the scarcity was felt in the capital starting Monday.
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