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Mp Ken Chonga Comes To A Timely Rescue


A house in Vipingo was reduced to ashes yesterday following a fire in one of the rooms. One of the tenants had left her gas cooker on with a sufuria on top to fetch some surplus tomatoes. But looked like she had taken an eternity to return.

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The contents in the sufuria dried up, and the sufuria itself started burning. The gas cooker exploded, and the entire building was engulfed in smoke and fire. Fellow tenants, neighbours and good Samaritans tried the best they could to extinguish the fire. Simultaneously, some hooligans saw it as an opportunity to steal from the distraught tenants the few things that they could salvage from the inferno.

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A press release read thus, “KEN CHONGA usually does things that touch and solve an issue that is directed to individual’s day to day life. Today accompanied by the county senator Hon. Stewart Madzayo met with the fire victims at Vipingo, and they have assessed the situation and offered a long-lasting solution. On a quick one, the families needed food and immediate shelter. Ken Chonga with the county senator has joined hands to offer two months’ rent and the county government will offer food for the period of two months as well, as the family come to terms with the situation at the ground”.

God bless our more than able leaders as we show empathy and wish the fire victims a quick recovery in these trying times.

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