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Mtepeni Ward Representative Victor Gogo Mwaganda, A Champion


M.C.A Victor Gogo Mwaganda surely is a servant leader who has surpassed all his predecessors by far. The residents of Majengo-Retreat area in Mtepeni ward are a happy lot. They, for once have witnessed a leader who has their plea and cry at heart. They say previous administrations neglected them, but they are now happy lot coz. They finally found an ever-present leader and focused on delivering his pledges to the electorate.

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A case in point is the Majengo retreat road that had not been repaired nor murram in ages but is now a source of joy. They say it will go a long way in opening up the entire neighbourhood for prosperity purposes.

A press release from the office of the M.C.A read thus,

 Ukarabati, Utandazaji na Upanuzi wa barabara ya Majengo Kanamai, Retreat-Makio unazidi kuendelea kwa siku ya Tatu sasa. Diwani Gogo Mwaganda anazidi kuangazia suala zima la Ukarabati, Upanuzi na Ufunguzi wa barabara zote ndani ya wadi kabla kuingia kwa awamu nyengine ya mwaka wa kifedha. Hongera Gogo,  kwa pamoja Mtepeni itang’aa zaidi.

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Many would wish to have a Victor Gogo character in their leader, but since gold is never found everywhere, they have to settle for what they elected as Mtepeni Ward residents enjoy the fruits of their right choice.

Attached are some of the pictures tracking down his bigger milestone in office:

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