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Mugoiri Girls High School in Murang’a County has recalled 14 students who were suspended for getting a second helping of a special meal.

14 Mugoiri Girls School students in Murang’a who were suspended for allegedly taking a second helping of a special supper will be readmitted to the school without conditions.
On January 19, the pupils were sent home and told to bring back Ksh10,500 as a penalty for taking an extra dish of food.
Susan Mundia, the school’s principal, said the pupils were suspended while she was gone from the school by her deputy, who is only a week old at the school.

The principal said that she decided to recall the students after the Board of Management held a meeting and decided to squash the punishment imposed on the girls.
“This was a mistake, but it happened when I was away but I take responsibility for it being the head of school,” she said.

“I called the parents and apologized to them for the turn of events and they are comfortable to bring their daughters back to school” she added.The suspended pupils were accused of two offenses in the letter that went viral on social media platforms: stealing two servings of a special dinner provided on Sunday, January 16, 2022, and causing some students miss the lunch.

The letter further stated that the pupils should return to school with their parents and the Ksh10,500 that would cover the cost of the special dinner for the entire school.The students were also to face a disciplinary committee for their actions.

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