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My taste is for older women says Machachari actor Govi

Malik Lemuel popularly known by his stage name Govi has confirmed that he is used to dating older ladies and doesn’t find a problem being around them.

Speaking on his Instagram page, question and answer segment, the former actor who came to the limelight during the premiering of the Machachari act asked his followers to be free with him and ask anything because he wanted them to know about him. The followers did not hesitate when given the opportunity as they kept many questions coming.

One of his followers became so personal and decided to ask him about his taste in women, he asked if could not mind dating an older lady most preferably, 5 years older than him, on his response, the ex-machachari actor said that to him, dating an older woman is not new, he has done it several times before, he continued by saying that when he knows that the woman he is dating is older than him, everything runs smooth and without second thoughts, he is up for the idea.

During the same interview, another young lady texted seeking advice from the actor, she confessed that she is only 19 years but finds it hectic to get satisfied with what she needs because she is not up financially to do so, in his response, Govi said that she should practice the virtue of patience since that is how life is supposed to be handled, he also added by saying that another person’s gold is not yours, so one should always stay positive about what life brings.

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