Home GOSSIP Natafuta mchumba na sio lazima awe handsome, actress Jacky Vike has declared.

Natafuta mchumba na sio lazima awe handsome, actress Jacky Vike has declared.

Jacky Vike, also known as Awinja, a Papa Shirandula actress and comedian, has stirred conflicting reactions after revealing she’s ready to settle down in marriage and the type of man she wants to settle down with. Netizens began submitting marriage proposals to the lady almost immediately.

Jacky Vike she’s a mother of one handsome son aged 4 years as of June 2021. Jacky Vike she’s really beautiful and she has maintained her beautiful body figure.Awinja previously revealed that she has only dated three guys in her life and that she has never been in a hurry to marry; she will do it when she is ready, and she is now very happy.

Awinja stated that she is looking for a man to settle down with and that he does not need to be as attractive as other women desire, as long as he will truly love her. The actress spoke candidly about her prior relationships, including a nasty boyfriend who she claimed destroyed her heart at a young age. Awinja stated the man lowered her self-esteem and made her realize she didn’t know her worth in a radio interview with Massawe Japanni.

When asked who this man was, she declined to divulge his identity, but she did give followers a hint as to who he could be.The Sio Lazima singer also stated that she is not like other women who make a big deal about weddings and that she is content with how things are going to turn out because she has no difficulty doing a wedding, but it is not something she considers necessary. Her father worked as a city councillor and a part-time shoe cobbler, according to the actress, who grew up in one of Eastleigh’s slums.

Awinja admitted that the area had a negative impact on her self-esteem, but she couldn’t blame her parents for going three months without salary despite working for the local council. Despite this, they never went hungry, and she made a promise to herself that she would only have a kid when she had her own money and could care for them.

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