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New Dawn! Veteran former NTV Journalist Lolani Kalu bags a lucrative deal amid living in abject poverty – Sunsetkenya


The untold story of losing a job, as shared by one Kelvin Jurist Inanga sparked some reactions from Kenyans. Many of them sympathized with the legendary journalist but some condemned him in equal measure.

Truly, God is for us all as it dawns yet again for the jovial veteran journalists as Kenyans come out to his help.

The untold story of losing a job. This is the time you really learn what life is, you learn that your true friends first…

Publiée par Kelvin Jurist Inanga sur Mardi 29 septembre 2020

The world has proven to be a better place for Kalu with friends and wellwishers around.

His sad story of having been conned by a contractor, as he tried to build his retirement home, agitated many Kenyans. Even so, well-wishers, particularly those in the art industry, reached out to help the struggling journalist.

We had an interesting catch up with the amazing and legendary journalist Lolani Kalu who had been a household name over…

Publiée par Daudi Anguka sur Mercredi 30 septembre 2020

Additionally, Abson Motors Limited too came through for the renown journalist. The two signed a lucrative deal, as Lolani Kalu became the company’s brand ambassador, which will see his humorous and witty stories put to great use once again.

After sharing a post on Lolani Kalu, I received a call from the Director Abson Motors Limited(who has sought anonymity)…

Publiée par Kelvin Jurist Inanga sur Mercredi 30 septembre 2020

Sunset Kenya  wishes Lolani Kalu the very best in his future.

Also, it is common sense that Kalu’s story will inspire and motivate many people to focus on their passions and make HAY while the SUN is still shining for them.


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