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Nigerian men, according to street dancer Moya David, are romantic.

Moya David, a TikTok sensation known for his street shocks, has expanded his “surprise tour” to other nations. With his antics around markets and bus stops, the 25-year-old dancer made a name for himself. Moya told Hot96 that his supporters in the diaspora and around the world book him heavily.

“Soon, I’ll be doing surprises in other nations. I’ve been invited to perform in South Africa and in Nigeria. I have a lot of reservations, and the majority of them are from diaspora fans.”

When he saw people enjoying his TikTok videos, Moya decided to market them. He decided to do Tik Tok in a unique way: on the streets. “On Tik Tok, most people do the same thing: they dance. So I came up with an idea for something new that would engage people on the street…women in marketplaces, etc “he stated

Nigerians, he claims, are the most romantic people he has ever worked with. “It has grown into a real enterprise. Because Nigerians are romantic, I’ll be taking a tour there. I was given Sh 250,000 by a Nigerian to perform a virtual surprise for their lover. Alinipea shamba was another one from Dubai.” Moya also stated that as his company expands, he is currently hiring new employees.

“I’ve just started a little business called Moya Surprises, and I’m hiring. I run an academy where I train individuals at the end of each month; I used to do it every Sunday, but due to my busy schedule, I can no longer do so.”

Moya told us to make the most of our abilities. “You don’t need my abilities,” he added, “but whatever you want to do, go for it and use your talent if you have it.” Moya has more than 2.5 million followers and 30 million likes on Instagram. He recently turned 25 years old and made his first million.
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