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OAP tongue lashes Portable for insulting Kenyan Ladies

Maureen Imbai, alias Black Cinderella, a Kenyan radio host, has slammed singer Portable for causing the East African country ‘global shame.Black Cinderella chastised the “Zazoo” singer after seeing a video of him turning down a hookup offer from a woman who approached him in a park in Mombasa, Kenya.

In the video, Portable is heard telling the lady: “We are not here for ‘hook up’. You can go!” As he spoke, his friends are jeering and laughed hysterically while the lady stood and walked away. The video infuriated the reality TV personality who argued Portable and his guys had no right to record and share it without the girl’s consent.
Black Cinderella said: “We all love your music but Portable zukwanuike (calm down). What you are doing in our country is embarrassing Kenya worldwide,” she wrote.“We support your rubbish but not what you are doing to Kenyan girls and posting it online. The video Portable posted last night is not just embarrassing. It is an insult to us Kenyan girls.
“No matter how you feel Kenyans are cheap or quiet when you overstay your welcome, we will throw you outside our country without mercy.“The people that brought Portable into Kenya, I’m ashamed of you. Your business was to bring an artist to perform and make his money and leave.
“But daily, we are seeing the misuse of our girls, live abuse of drugs, and so many more disgusting videos online.”She continued: “Find me the girl he embarrassed to file a complaint about the public humiliation. She will get not less than 2000 USD.

“Worst of all, since you came to Kenya, you’re the first celebrity that have not visited our national parks or even the giraffe center or any tourism attraction sites and showcase Kenya.

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