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Oga Obinna humbly shows off his M-pesa balance

Oga Obinna is a comedian, YouTuber, and currently radio show host noted for his outlandish behaviour. He doesn’t brag all the time, but when he does, he does so with all the panache that is anticipated. He was recently in Mombasa, where he was an emcee at the This is Africa Experience live.

Obinna decided to publish a screenshot of a transaction fee he’d paid at the airport when he arrived. He had apparently parked at the JKIA before departing for Mombasa. His message was as follows: “Oh, my goodness! Parking is available for 24 hours at JKIA.”

He showed me a screenshot of the 3000 Kenyan shillings he’d paid in parking costs. Fans, on the other hand, were quick to point out that his Mpesa balance had not been obscured as one might assume. The amount had been softly marked out with a white transparent marker, and it was as apparent as day.

Obinna was casually carrying a total of Ksh 102,350 shillings in his phone. In this economic climate! Some fans speculated that the clear marking wasn’t a mistake, but rather Obinna’s humble brag because we didn’t need the screenshot to begin with. We’d have paid three thousand shillings for parking at the airport if he’d just told us that.
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