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Otile Brown Trends for Buying a 272k Denim Jacket


It is well known that January is always a month that sends many people into broke pockets. However, for Otile Brown, it is a month like any other, and now he is at it again for flaunting a denim jacket worth 272k.

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The “In Love” hitmaker Jacob Obunga alias Otile Brown received mixed reactions from his fans after posting pictures of him wearing the teddy bear denim jacket. On his Instagram account, the musician shared photos of him rocking the much costly jacket.

The talented musician is now among the many public figures who take pride in stepping out in expensive outfits. In 2019, the former 047 Governor Mike Sonko was also trending to wear a Versace T-shirt that cost Ksh. 53K. The 001 Governor Joho was as well spotted wearing a Ksh. 55k Versace T-shirt on his trip abroad.

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