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Otonglo Time! The Comedian who was adopted by Uhuru Kenyatta Opens Up – Sunsetkenya


In a news flash, that’s how the young comedian life changed.

Otonglo Time, as he was then known, was a play in the high school drama festival done by then young Daniel Owira who had hit the finalists and the event graced by the President, His Excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

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Young Daniel utilized his time and made sure the president has cracked his ribs out from the grant performance he did.

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The journey has just begun…..

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As his plan was, the performance left the president in stitches as the young actor hit bar after bar accompanied by his marvelous postures and moves to contemplate the act.

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It is through that fateful day when the actor was branded “Son of Uhuru” by the president himself. He was immediately requested to visit the statehouse where he did another hot spilling performance and there is then the President adopted the young talented actor.

He later joined University where the newly found dad, promised to pay all his fees.

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The journey has not been easy i tell you.

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During a talk to NTV, Daniel says how he almost dropped from school as he was growing healthier and richer in a short period than he expected.

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“I will not lie to you, at first year no one really knows what to do with a lot of money. I was getting sponsorships and gigs and did not know what to do with all the cash,” he narrated.

He assisted his struggling mum back at home with the instreaming cash and he was left with enough for himself.

Daniel is now all grown and teamed with other stakeholders to mentor young uprising actors who have potential and destined for greatness.

Well, we wish him all the best in life.


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