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P Day anaongea sana kushinda kufanya kazi, Dogo Richie opens up with Mtu Bei – Sunsetkenya


In an Interview with Mtu Bei, the Naona Raha hitmaker highlighted the major concerns that ruin and bring down the coastal music industry.

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Having been in the game for a while, a record of 7 years without a manager, Richie has been a sensational and outstanding performer and a songwriter.

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With a special talent planted in him, Dogo has managed to record several hit songs that saw him outcasting from his comfort zone and embrace other markets. This and the wit in music, has escalated his music journey to some new levels.

The Majanga series marker has been on the receiving end in several issues, the latest being the Mombasa county annual shows. Due to his firm and no-nonsense stands have seen him being sidelined on many occasions and the Binladem name came to birth.

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Mentioning of 3 things he loves about singer P Day, Richie said, “Kwanza, sauti anayo. Pili P Day ni mpambanaji, ila anaongea sana. He is the kind of guy mwenye he is too much know.”

The Sina Habari Nao singer advised the Twende songwriter to try to make a hit song that will be easily identified apart from the nice music he does.

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Do the two have any differences? Watch the full interview here:

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