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Pastor hospitalized after allegedly being shot by police officers

After being wounded by people alleged to be police officers in Homa Bay County, Aclergyman is recovering from grievous bullet wounds. After suffering injuries to his right thigh and leg, Joseph Mireri was admitted to Homa Bay County Referral Hospital. Mireri is a member of the Makongeni Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Homa Bay. He was shot at Homa Bay Pier at about 8 p.m. on Friday and sustained injuries.

According to Janet, Joseph left his car washed at the Pier and rode his motorcycle to the barbershop. When he returned, he paid for the car wash services and began driving back to his house. Three individuals dressed in civilian clothes attempted to stop him after he had moved around 40 meters. But, fearing that they were thugs, he chose to rush away.
However, he discovered a vehicle obstructing the road a few meters distant. He was obliged to come to a halt since he could no longer drive. He was driving when he heard gunshots, which punctured his tires. Others appeared on the windscreens as a result of the shots. Two of the bullets struck him in the thigh and leg. “They told him he had to get out of the car before they could inspect it.” “They discovered a Bible, a tithe envelope, a hymn book, a gas cylinder, and dog food,” Janet said. Mireri’s wife, Janet, said her husband was subjected to the torture while shaving his hair and washing his car in Homa Bay.
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