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Pastor Paul Kuria, alias Man Kush has cautioned broke people from visiting his church and instead go to other churches.

Pastor and comedian Pual Kuria alias Man Kush has told broke people to avoid coming to his church because he has bills to be paid.

The pastor was on an interview that was shared by Mseto East Africa on YouTube where he said he does not own the building hosting his church, so he pays rent and other bills that make his church services accommodative.
The preacher also said most people fall for the prophecies that sometimes do not have a lot of work.

“They will tell you, you’ll get a husband, where do you think you will find him? You do not get men like that. If you want one, clean nicely and go where men are found,” he advised. Man Kush said people do not find partners in the church because they go to fellowship and not a place where people go hunting.

He also said that in this world, if one does not have money they should go back home and live with their mothers. “Most pastors go to church to look for money, I go to church to take my money, I have so many business, and people should not think they will get money in church,” he added. The pastor said he loves to enjoy his life and eat his money and added that it’s for that reason he is a jack of trades and a master of all. ( courtesy TUKO)
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