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PLO Lumumba: President Uhuru’s Statement Angers Renowned Lawyer


A respected eloquent lawyer and Professor PLO Lumumba joined the debate regarding having a rotational presidency from different communities. In a funeral service of the late Mama Hannah Mudavadi, the mother to ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi, the president made surprising statements that angered the lawyer.

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According to President Kenyatta, he was angry because several leaders associated with the hustler movement claimed that Kenyans were tired of the Kenyatta family enjoying the most from the top leadership position. He suggested that if the two communities have ruled enough, then it was time to leave the seat for another community to take charge. In the statement, Kenyatta was referring to the Kikuyus and the Kalenjins, profiling them as such.

However, Professor Lumumba did not take the statement lightly, and he rubbished the president with the idea of a rotational presidency. He further suggests that Kenya is a democratic country that cannot be ruled based on an ethnic basis but guided by policies and competent ideas. He illustrated if one is to hire workers, and then he will employ them based on their competence.
Democracy should be a completion of ideas and policies to govern a country, not a competition of ethnic groups.
When we hire workers, we should seek competence, not ethnic affiliation,” Prof.Lumumba wrote on his Twitter account.
The president’s statement made waves of mixed reactions from Kenyans based on the factions they supported.
Furthermore, the statement contradicts the president’s ambitions to stand for Democracy and the unity of its people.

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