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Police forced to ride abandoned boda bodas to the police station as crackdown continues.

Even as enforcement of the President’s directive upcountry resulted in few arrests, police resumed their crackdown on boda boda operators in most towns yesterday. Police in Kisumu seized 126 motorcycles.
18 cyclists were detained, according to Nyanza Regional Police Commander Karanja Muiruri.”The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is inspecting the seized motorcycles to ensure that they are roadworthy and that their licenses are legitimate,” Mr. Muiruri said. The President’s directives are being carried out, according to County Police County Commander Adiel Nyange in Nyeri.

Mr. Charles Ndegwa, chairman of the County Boda Boda Riders Association, said riders were tense but eager to follow the law. More than 30 boda boda operators were arrested in Murang’a. Some of the riders were compelled to pull their motorcycles off the road as a result of the police intervention. Donatha Kiplangat, the county police chief, said the crackdown will continue until the transportation sector returns to normal.
Boda boda association leaders in Meru said there had been no harassment so far, but police were anticipated to intervene in the coming days. One official remarked, “Our members are properly advised on how to minimize conflict with law enforcement.” Officials from the police force declined to comment. A group of boda boda riders in Nakuru applauded the President’s decree, claiming that it will streamline the industry. They committed to work with necessary authorities to guarantee that motorcycle transportation is safe, led by their chairman, Mr Mark Joseph.
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