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Police in Meru Forced to Split A Crowd That Had Gathered To Kill 2 Men Believed to Be Conmen


Police officers from Mwirine police station, Meru county have saved and arrested two men said to be conmen.

Rayod Muthamia and his other male friend were on their normal ‘duty’ of reaping where they never planted.
Late in the day, they approached a lady and asked her to open a Sacco account, where they pretended to be Sacco agents.

After they shot the tricks, the lady resisted, they decided to use their mission oil to fool the lady. She went into the room, gave out all the cash she had plus all money in her bank account.

While they were on the last scene of the situation, a good neighbour sensed that something was going wrong and started screaming for help.

After the angry villagers landed on the two, they were given thorough beatings almost to death; it’s when they narrated how they do con people their money all over pretending to be agents from Solution Sacco.

The two are held at Mwirine police station as more investigations are ongoing.

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