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Political Infighting A Blessing In Disguise


There are times when political power tussles are so much welcome relief. It becomes something to look forward to. Especially when it involves a group of people whom the general populace believe have had a raw deal in one way or another from them.

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Yes, there are moments when political bickering unfolds; we are served with all manner of revelations. When political bedfellows cross paths, they kind of throw caution to the wind and go for each other’s neck.  What follows thereafter could be comic relief intertwined in these unforgiving economic times. What follows thereafter could be exposés that are real eye-openers on how binding decisions were arrived at or better still how the ruling elite spent our hard-earned money.

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I want to put it to you that in a society such as ours, where accessing information is akin to squeezing water out of a rock, political infighting is something that we should be grateful for. In fact, we should be celebrating it.

We now have a rudderless and disjointed ruling party called The Jubilee Party of Kenya whose leadership hierarchy is split right at the centre.  The party leader and his deputy who double up to be the president’s deputy president of the Republic of Kenya don’t see eye to eye at least publicly.

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As they trade punches left to right and centre, the president has intimated how some government operatives have been syphoning public funds in the tune of a whopping two billion Kenyan shillings a day. The deputy president has been pulling punches in equal measure. Among other things, he has been heard saying there is something called the system or deep state.

He claims that this secretive clique of people called deep state are people used by their payers to execute orders that would otherwise be impossible by mere mortals.  They could be used to kill people who are dimmed to be critical of the day’s government.  Or they can be used to skew processes in favour of the desired outcome.

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We have read albeit the comical relief from Miguna Miguna the nature of so many politicians and their underhand dealings in corruption, embezzlement of public funds, nepotism, tribalism, forgery, murders and so forth. We have seen Mike Sonko come out to tear the presidency and give frivolous allegations and insider information which just can’t be ignored.

We have appreciated how Maina Kamanda has clawed down the Tanga Tanga brigade. And the ever swift rejoinders from the Tanga Tanga group how the presidency has shortchanged them.

Let’s continue to celebrate every time our politicians don’t read from the same book, coz that’s when the people of Kenya get information about how and what shaped their decisions.


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