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Polycarp Igathe’s hidden talent is dancing!

Polycarp Igathe is currently trending on social media following the announcement that Jubilee has given him the green light to compete for Nairobi governor under their flag. Igathe is well-known for his business accomplishments, having held prominent positions at both Equity and Vivo Energy. But, aside from his financial acumen, what else is hidden behind the surface? Standard Media spoke with a former Nairobi Deputy Governor, who helped them peel back some layers of the onion.

Below are the questions from the interview;

When he wasn’t working what did he like doing?
I like going to Njuguna’s. I like to eat nyama choma.

What was his hidden talent?
Dancing. But my kids don’t think that…Please don’t ask me to dance..

What job would he be terrible at?

Being a watchman. Because I like to be on the move. Getting stuck in one place is very difficult. I like to talk to different people and that is why I want to be governor cause I will talk to different people and do different things.

When was the last time he took a matatu?

Last week. Going to Eastleigh.

Between ugali, omena or ugali and matumbo which one would you go for?

Ugali and matumbo.

What was his current favourite song?

Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk.

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