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President Uhuru means well for the community

Mama Ngina Kenyatta has urged the Mt Kenya area to support ODM leader Raila Odinga for the president, as her son President Uhuru Kenyatta has commanded. Mama Ngina, speaking at the funeral of her cousin in Gatundu South, Kiambu county, on Tuesday, said the President genuinely cares about the people and would never lead them into a ditch. She added Uhuru is devoted to the region’s future and wants the best for them, which is why he chose his preferred successor.

“Let us love one another; this is our country; let us move forward.” Let us know where we’re headed; your commander can’t possibly lead you astray. Mama Ngina said at the burial of Nelly Wanjiku Kabangi, whom she described as her cousin, that “the person who is sitting under a tree is the one who knows what the insects around there are eating.” Mama Ngina also commented on Uhuru’s relationship with his deputy William Ruto. She claimed the two got along well until the DP abdicated his responsibilities to pursue his presidential dreams.
“He (Uhuru) didn’t have an issue with Ruto, but would you truly stay if your deputy treated you badly? You’ll get over it, “she continued. She went on to appeal for peace during election campaigns and for leaders to refrain from criticizing one another. The escalating cases of abuse among leaders, according to Mama Ngina, raises questions about their upbringing. She advised Kenyans to uphold decent morals and oppose abusive leaders.
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