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Pritty Vishy says she cheated on Stivo Simple Boy with 3 Wababas

Pritty Vishy, Stivo Simpleboy’s ex-girlfriend, has spoken out about cheating on him without his knowledge. Pritty admitted to having affairs with older men in an exclusive interview with Mpasho, and that Stivo was never aware of it. Pritty, who began dating Stivo in 2019, also revealed that she has three “Wababas” who will spoil her more than the singer can.

I’ve only ever cheated on him once, with a Mubaba (an elderly man) and three Wababas. Stevo was unaware that the Wababas used to lavish money on me. She stated, “I don’t feel sorry about it, and there is no space for remorse.” Pritty claims that more older males are preying on her in social media DMs after they announced their breakup. “I have Wababas in my DM, some of which are rather old.” But, having reformed, I am unable to return. My inbox is bursting to the seams.”
The single ‘Tuheshimu Ndoa’ by Stivo Simpleboy is his favorite tune. “Does she believe Stivo is respectful of their relationship?” “e respected the relationship, but it had gotten to the point where he was losing his mind. Stivo is one of those people who you can only get to know after spending some time with him.” Pritty says he doesn’t know if he can forgive Stivo “I want him to understand how valuable I am. He should take a seat and consider whether it’s me or someone else. I’d like it to come from the bottom of your heart.”
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