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Prof Hamo to Marry Jemutai as a Second Wife, Sources Confirm


Two Churchill comedians have been wrangling for a month now over parental responsibilities. The issues started when Jemutai went online to accuse Prof. Hamo of denying responsibilities of taking care of their two kids.

The issue went further to calling each other names online until their boss Daniel Dambuki intervened to settle the dust with an amicable solution. During the meeting, Prof. Hamo demanded a DNA test to ascertain the legibility of the paternity of the two kids before taking responsibility.

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In favor of Jemutai, the test came out positive and Hamo was left speechless but to admit to responsibility. The argument over the issue over the kids responsibility which cost Hamo a lot including his job as a resenter at the Hot 96 alongside Jeff Koinange.

However, all is not lost for after a messy month of back lashing and spilling private affairs for public taking it, seems Prof. Hamo has finally come to his senses.


According to responses he made, after a fan questioned him on the issue, the hilarious comedian is now ready to mend his “broken” relationship with his baby mama.

In the comments, Hamo was kind enough to admit his mistakes and responded to several questions from his fans.

“Have you sorted out your issues with your baby mama?”

He responded by first making it clear that Jemutai is his wife and not his baby mama.

Another fan questioned if Jemutai is willing to rekindle their love back and start over again and he responded with a sense of certainty regarding the issue assuring the person that she’s more than ready.

“It is people who love each other that fight.” He added.


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