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Professor George Wajackoyah announces his presidential bid

Professor George Wajackoyah has declared his candidacy for president ahead of the August 9 election, and netizens are ecstatic with his promises. Wajackoyah stated to the press at Diamond Plaza that he will run for President of Kenya under the Roots Party of Kenya ticket.n a six-point manifesto, the aspiring Head of State has excited netizens by touching on key issues that affect common netizens.

For instance, he pledged to legalize bhang once in office, sell bhang to clear the country’s existing loans, suspend the constitution for the first six months in office, have 8 prime Ministers complementing his administration and he will personally serve as the Immigration Minister.
Wajackoyah has also promised to cut the number of official working days, with employees just working Monday through Thursday and resting on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Many individuals have shown their support for him on social media as a result of this. Others chastised him, implying that the decision would harm the country’s economy.
“Friday being a Muslim prayer day, would not be counted as a workday, and that Saturday and Sunday would also form part of non-working days,” the Presidential aspirant said. Regarding the suspension of the constitution for the first six months, the scholar says it will give room to Kenyans to decide what they want and in turn not get imposed with unprogressive rules.
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