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Raila Suffers another Blow: Isaac Ruto Joins Joho and Kingi in Ditching ODM


The orange Democratic Party headed by Raila Odinga suffered a significant blow in its efforts to ensure a win in the 2022 elects after the former governor and now nominated ditched the BBI movement for the Hustler Nation. As the electioneering period gains momentum, losing a key ally proves a considerable obstacle for the party.

A few hours later, after joining deputy president William Ruto, the former Bomet Governor vowed to never support H.E. Raila Odinga in any of his campaigns for an elective post. He also revealed that Bomet County is entirely behind the Deputy President in his bid for the presidency in 2022. This happens days after Governor Joho and Kingi were linked with a move to ditch Raila to form a separate party for the coast region people and join the Hustler Nation Movement.

During a visit in Bomet by D.P. Ruto, the former county boss stated that he was open to supporting anyone willing to ask for his help in an address for the nation.

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“I am not in alliance with anybody. After all, nobody has asked me to back him or her for the presidency. If William Ruto seeks my support, we shall discuss and if he supports the tenets CCM stands for like devolving resources then I will back him. There is nothing personal.”

In a welcome speech, the D.P. thanked his counterpart for the brave move and his most profound appreciation for returning home politically. He also added that he is ready to work with Isaac Ruto because they share the same vision.

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