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Rapper Lang Katalang trapped in a Love triangle with ailing Harriet Akunava – Sunsetkenya


Confessions have been attached to the Nairobi Hakuna Manzi ya Mtu hit-maker after one Harriet Akunava opened up on her life situation.

“Its time I came clean, I was bitter for many months but I can’t do this anymore. I am HIV POSITIVE and I have been infecting men. I’m sorry, forgive me, get tested if I have hanyad you.” Read the statement.

What came out of the story left Kenyans holding their mouths as the controversial rapper hurriedly dragged to the mess.

In a post from Anne Njoki linked the rapper and here is the post in question, “Rumor has it that she once slept with that rapper who sang the song ‘Nairobi Hakuna Manzi Ya Mtu’. Si mimi nimesema, imesemekana. The dude needs to go get tested. No names.”


Our team reached the rapper to confirm the main arena, and first, he pointed out that the said song was done by 3 artists, i.e Vic Matata, Morgan, and himself, and therefore, since no name was mentioned, he is not concerned.


Refuting the claims, Lang also had this to say, “Bro I have had some 1 or 2 bad weeks trying to fix some issues concerning our music industry and I believe it’s widely known now by Kenyans, therefore, waking up to this story it’s not a surprise to me. I have forwarded the story to my lawyer and I don’t want to talk about it as he is working onto it. We will know the bottom of this soon.”

Asked if he knows one Harriet, Lang said, “I have met many Harriets in my musical career, you understand how we artists work, bro! I won’t deny meeting any lady called Harriet, but I have met many of them.”


The Vetfarm 86 Music recording artist disclosed some exclusive to us. “Bro I have done several rap songs, I am now doing another project that will surprise my fans.”

“I am doing a Gospel Genge Music. I have decided to give back to the society and it surprises me such a story is rising days before I release my first Gospel Song,” he added.


“I want to tell my fans and all Kenyans that I appreciate for the support they accorded me and my musical career and I promise never to let them down. Continue supporting my art and God bless you all,” he concluded.

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