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Reagan Dandy, the Giriama Rap King – Sunsetkenya


In a couple of months, Reagan has been trending both in social media and mainstream media. This caught the attention of many to a point of getting glued on his artwork on youtube, and yes this kid is RICH in talent.

His prowess to jiggle around trap beats in his own local dialect “Giriama” brought some smiles in many faces. Through an interview that our Sunset Kenya team had via phone with him, he had this to say,

“I Started Recording My Music In 2015 With The Inspiration Of Trap/Hip Hop And My Music was all in English; American Slang, I Gained Fans Coz Of My Flows and Punchlines. One Day My Producer “Omae Lion” He Suggested To At least Try And Fix Some Swahili Vibes See How It Gonna Be. Since I Was Used To Rapping In English I Challenge Myself, Mark You I was Raised In Coast But I Was a Friend To The Dictionary.

It was a Challenge Switch Of Style For Me Bt I wanted To Be Flexible And Gain More Fans. It’s Good For The Game. I Was Finally Able To Flow In Swahili And Released Couple Raps In Swahili And The Number of my Fans Indeed Grew. One Day I Put Some Little Giriama (My Mother Tongue Lingo) And I Received Some Positive Comments About The Giriama Lines in My Songs “Jackpot”, “Slide-In”, “Sina Muda”. It Gave Me A Sense Of Originality Released A Three Mixtape Songs “MATSANGONI BOY” Three Songs Representing 003 My County…The Feedback Was Huge and Motivating.

Am Proud  To Be “The Giriama Trap King”  As They Call Me. I Thank God For My Growth In Music Coz I Always Keep Him First…Looking Forward  To Release Matsangoni Boy Mixtape Part 2.”

Check out his work on Youtube by CLICKING ON THIS Link and subscribe to his Youtube Channel so that we can make him grow. In the meantime, watch this Yes Bana Challenge here:


The KING has been featured by Ktn Life and Styles for a rap battle on Friday 22, May. Kindly switch on your TVs tomorrow from 7 a.m to 9 a.m for Giriama Trap Punchlines. Can’t help waiting.

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