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Reggea is Tipped to Have Been Stopped, Ruling Leaked


It has been months of hullabaloo full of ups and downs, moreso, all focus on the 7 panel judges who were mandeted to deliver the BBI brigade to the promised land.

With some early rule, BBI was termed unconstitutional something that made, the “opposition” celebrate a win of their lives.

The move to seek for better judgement from the high court made the elite team cling to some hopes that are onhold by the 7 panelled judges.

Rt Hon Raila Odinga during his Nakuru visit, he pleaded with the people of Nakuru that he has officially started his bid for the top seat come 2022.

His declaration comes days before the verdict of the BBI case to be made by the 7 judges. The question that has crossed many is that “Could Raila been tipped that BBI has been dropped by the judges? Why would he go ahead to declare his 2022 journey knowing that BBI is still in the hands of the judges?!

Having learnt that BBI has no future, Raila Odinga went ahead to lay his 2022 infrastructure that will see him biding for the Kenyan most top Seat.

In the othet hand, OKA – One Kenya Alliance are defiant on paving way for the former Prime Minister stating that not this time again.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has tried to sweet talk the OKA leaders more than twice but the OKA principles have shown what many call as Political Maturity.

With the 7 panelled judges set to official read out the vedict to the world concerning the Building Bridges Initiative today Friday, 20th August, all fingers crossed to here and know what the future holds for Kenyans.

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