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Relief for farmers as Government announces Sh5.7 billion fertiliser subsidy that will reduce prices by half.

The government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives, has put Sh5.7 billion into subsidizing fertiliser costs in the country, which is good news for small and large-scale farmers. Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya announced the subsidy on Friday. According to the Agriculture Ministry, a bag of DAP that previously cost Sh6,000 would now cost Sh2,800, while Urea (from Sh6,500 to Sh2,700), CAN (from Sh3,900 to Sh1,950), NPK (from Sh4,900 to Sh3,000), and MOP (from Sh3,800 to Sh2,500) will cost Sh3,800. From Sh3,800, sulphate ammonia will be sold at Sh2,500.

The increased pricing takes effect on Saturday, according to CS Munya. “The rainy season has begun. The majority of small- and large-scale farmers have already started preparing their fields for planting. As a result, I encourage every farmer to take advantage of the lower prices and buy their chosen fertilizer,” he stated. Farmers can only buy a total of ten bags of fertilizer, which comprises five bags of planting fertilizer and another five bags of top dressing.
The move comes after a price surge in the last year that forced some growers to plant crops without fertilizer because they couldn’t afford it. A majority of farmers couldn’t afford the pricing at National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) depots and stores across the country. As the planting season approached, the situation in many parts of Kenya threatened to devolve into starvation. Treasury withdrew Sh5.7 billion from the supplementary budget, which was supposed to help farmers cope with rising fertiliser prices. The money was then shifted to the security docket, causing outrage among MPs on the Agriculture Committee of the National Assembly.
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