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Revealed: Isiolo illicit brew makers use mortuary chemical, ARVs

On Thursday, people in Isiolo were astonished to learn that illegal whiskey sold at local kiosks was mixed with antiviral medications, formalin, and painkillers.

During a five-hour raid spanning many dens in Bulapesa ward, national government officials led by Isiolo Deputy County Commissioner Kepha Marube made the discovery. At the “God’s Power” club, where 3,000 liters of illegal brew was destroyed, officers discovered cans of ARVs, high blood pressure drugs, and painkillers after pouncing on two people drinking at a bar.

Rather than using the frequently used methanol, lead-acid, or dry cells, the brewers lace the liquor with formalin, which is used in mortuaries to preserve bodies, and other medications to speed up fermentation and let them make rapid money.
Elgoi Wario, a Bulapesa village elder who has been at the vanguard of the fight against illegal brews, claimed they had never seen anything like it before.
“We’re startled because we’ve only seen incidents of brewers putting unusual stuff in the booze, such as dead rats and women’s inner garments, in addition to other strong substances like cocaine,” Mr. Wario said.

Mr. Marube urged citizens against eating unlicensed drinks, describing them as harmful due to the inclusion of toxic chemicals, while the booze was being destroyed. As he presented the ARVs, paracetamol, and HBP medicines, he explained, “All of these drugs are put to the booze, and if someone consumes it, it destroys their health.”The administrator bemoaned that several youngsters had been transformed to zombies, rendering them useless, after ingesting the brew, claiming that several persons had been brought to hospitals as a result of their consumption.

In the last three weeks, the security crew has destroyed 10,500 liters of illegal brew, including kangara, ndume, and chang’aa. Despite the fact that it is made in an unsanitary atmosphere, clients prefer illegal beers over other alcoholic beverages since they are less expensive. The availability of low-cost, unregulated alcoholic beverages has been cited.
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