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Ruto is a master of doublespeak says Junet Mohamed.

Kenya Kwanza coalition reaped big this week by bagging in Kilifi County Governor Amason Kingi and his counterpart for Machakos County Dr. Alfred Mutua. It is a combination that sent shockwaves in the corridors of power with many Kenyans believing that Kenya Kwanza will might form the next government. A power-sharing document has surfaced showing how Ruto will share power amongst his political friends. This has been played down by Azimio One Kenya Coalition Secretary General, Junet Mohamed as Ruto hoodwinking his coalition partners.

According to Azimio-One Kenya Alliance led by Raila Amolo Odinga, the agreement that would see party leaders Moses Wetangula (FORD-Kenya),Musalia Mudavadi (ANC), Alfred Mutua (Maendeleo Chap Chap) and Amason Kingi (PAA) allocated top government positions if Ruto becomes presiden is daylight robbery and it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

“Musalia, Wetangula, Kingi and Mutua have been conned by Ruto. These four men have been allocated positions Ruto said would not exist… Our friends you are conned in an eleborate con game and wash wash scheme. You won’t survive our thoughts and prayers are with you,” said Junet Mohamed.

According to Junet Mohamed, all the goodies dangled by William Ruto infront of his coalition partners are impossible and that they should abort the mission. He termed the act as an ‘elaborate con-game. According to the power sharing document signed by Mudavadi, Wetang’ula, Mutua and Kingi amongst other partners in the presence of Kithure Kindiki as their lawyer, Amason Kingi is allocated Senate Speaker, Mudavadi is allocated the Prime Cabinet Secretary, Wetangula is allocated National Assembly Speaker while  Alfred Mutua will be given a cabinet minister slot. This is subject to Mutua delivering 30% of Ukambani votes, Kingi to deliver 50% of Coast region votes while both, Wetang’ula and Mudavadi to work on delivering 70% of Western Kenya votes.

In his media address before kick starting campaigns in Malindi, Junet Mohamed has accused Ruto of planning to introduce a Prime Cabinet Secretary position that was previously in the BBI that Ruto vehemently campaigned against.

“Ruto has opposed the BBI vehemently for the last five years and now today he is creating the same positon BBI was advocating for… He spoke at Bomas 1 and Bomas 2 like someone from the moon and told Kenyans that we do not need positions. Today he is dishing the same positions to Musalia and other people. That tells you what kind of character we are dealing with; a hypocrite per standard… now he is reinventing BBI through the back door,” said Junet.

According to Junet, Ruto is a master of doublespeak and it is high time the co-principals realised that as early as possible.

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