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SEVENTY EIGHT Kenyans evacuated from Ukraine to neighbouring countries with one safely back home, foreign affairs ministry says.

Yusra Omar has been closely monitoring the developments in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It began as a curiosity but quickly turned into uneasiness and a fear of becoming entangled in the battle. In the nick of time, she had to make a decision. Omar and her seven coworkers had no choice but to take every available route and mode of transportation out of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. As missiles flew, jets roared, and lives were lost in her wake, she successfully crossed the border.

In a phone call with her father, Changamwe MP Omar Mwinyi, Omar described how she and seven other Kenyan students braved the war in Poland to seek sanctuary. They are currently stranded in Poland, according to Omar, who studies at a university in Kyiv, awaiting evacuation to Kenya or another safer destination. “There are some places where individuals are imprisoned and unable to flee. “We fled Kyiv city and walked for several kilometers into Poland, but we are stranded here with very little help,” she stated.
She claims that several of her university’s students crossed into Poland on Sunday morning and are now stranded there, unclear when they would be evacuated by Kenyan authorities. “The situation in Ukraine is bad since getting out of some cities is difficult due to a lack of transportation.” We fled just as tensions were starting to rise, and we were lucky to make it out alive,” she continued. She claimed that the Kenyan government had contacted individuals in the war-torn country and asked them to evacuate to neighboring countries, where it would arrange for their evacuation.
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