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SEX FOR BLOGS: Blogger Demands “Pekejeng” from Client to Complete Work


Moses Otieno, a self-proclaimed blogger and a university student at the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM), has been exposed for sexual misconduct. According to our sources, the blogger has sought out sexual favours from his client to complete his assigned work.

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The client, who is also among the candidates vying for a student leadership position at the university, decided to circulate the conversation after the blogger threatened to tarnish her name against the institution’s election.
Based on the conversation (attached below), the blogger had insulted the client before expressing his desires in the morning. Nobody knows what transpired between the two leading to insults. However, in the morning, Mr Otieno apologized to his client, claiming it was not intentional and that he was under the influence of something.

“Hello Madam Chair, sorry for insulting you I wasn’t sober, sorry.”
The conversation went on as the blogger continued to open up to the client, stating his affections and that it would be better if they agreed before he could proceed with the work. Even so, Moses sincerity was doubtful, and the client did not take it lightly.

What came out clear is that madam chair denied the offer and showed her disinterest with the blogger’s “chuma ya doshi” by halting their working relationship.

Please, leave me alone. I don’t need your services anymore.
I can’t sleep with you just because you are my blogger NEVER, try elsewhere.”
Later, the wolf admitted defeating as he sheepishly agreed to the madam chair’s firm stand. However, it looked too late for Mr Otieno for the job had already been lost.

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