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Shock of a lifetime: Not everyone you call friend is indeed a friend. Nyeri based journalist held invites only fundraiser where he invited his 50 able friends, but only three turned up.

One Nyeri-based journalist who has decided to throw his hat in the ring organised a fundraiser to top up his campaign finances as he embarks on a charm offensive mission to woo voters in a ward in Lamu County.

With the hope of raising at least Sh200,000 to help him crisscross the vast ward, he invited close friends and colleagues in Nyeri.

However, the young aspirant was in for a rude shock when out of the 50 supporters he expected to attend, only three turned up.

According to the journalist, he had booked a hall, in addition to opening a Lipa na Mpesa account to help him consolidate funds before he goes home to advance his political ambitions. The invitation card said guests would be treated to a tea and snacks evening session to help in fundraising for his 2022 campaign kitty.

The event took place on Monday, December 13 at a Nyeri hotel. Despite forwarding the post to his friends and various WhatsApp groups, they not only failed to turn up, but they also never bothered to send their apologies.

“Prior to the fundraiser date, I had sent reminder messages to my friends and they promised that we were together. This prompted me to arrive early at the venue to ensure everything was in order,” he said.

He further disclosed that out of his target, he only got Sh500 from one attendee while others promised to send later. His Lipa na Mpesa account has since generated a paltry Kshs 6,000.

The young politician now says he has learned an important life lesson.

“We don’t lose friends. We just learn who the real ones are,” he avers.

The former presenter decried that even the master of ceremony did not turn up for the event and did not explain why he could not make it.

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