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Shocking as Father and Son Fight Over a Woman


The people of Kiambu in Kiambu County woke up to a spectacle of an older man and his biological son fighting over a woman. The incident caused a scene as each tried to throw blows, with the father shouting he must teach his son a lesson.
Love is blind and can lead a family into a fight to the death. According to locals, the two had to exchange fists after coincidentally meeting in an alleged house belonged to the woman. As usual, the father would frequently visit the lady before heading home, and as bad luck would have it, he met his son in action.

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As reported by a woman neighbor, she shared her honey pot with the two men without them knowing. Even though the conjugal rights were being and the father was already married, he could not hold back his pain after discovering his son’s affair with the love of his life.
Before the father could open the door, the son tried to hide under the bed after hearing a knock at the door. Unfortunately, the hideout was discovered, and as he tried to escape, he fell to his father’s wrath. At this time, residents started to gather to witness the commotion incidents turned to a heated fisting and punching quarrel.

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It was only after some neighbors intervened when they stopped fighting. Based on our source, the two had been seen separately making visits to the lady’s place. Later that day, the locals were decided that the matter would be resolved before a council of elders and a local chief.

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