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Shocking! Kenyan Celebrities Exposed in the Xtiandela Shakilla Saga


Aurther Mandela, better known as Xtian Dela has been trending for his running the controversial Club COVID online which according to him, has earned him handsomely.

But since we still run on norms and regulations customed by our cultural beliefs, the online show has been criticized, and sometimes names attached the content creator.

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In his usual acts, via his Instagram page, the confections made by the guest of the day left many with wagging tongues.

‘How many celebrities have you f*cked?’ That is the question that Xtiandela asked a lady who can only best be known as I am Shakilla. A charming and very happy Shakilla replied with a grin mentioning top celebrities that have devoured her coochie!
In that very shocking interview, one flamboyant governor happens to have chewed this beauty too.

Shakilla, with her beautiful nose ring, insisted that she just came from Mombasa after having a good time with the governor there. She even opened up that she had been given a tip of KSh 350,000 by Bwana Sultan!

Some of the celebrities that have slept with this beauty include Otile Brown, Masauti, Brown Mauzo, his Excellency Papa Jones, Ringtone, Victor Wanyama, Bwana Mkunaji Willy Poze, and many more. She mentioned that as close to 15 celebrities have eaten her honeypot. Damning revelations to say the least!

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