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Singer Alikiba’s message to wife proves marriage is strong 

Alikiba, the bongo superstar, has answered critics who said his marriage to Kenyan beauty Amina Khaleef was over. In a recent interview, Alikiba retaliated to a reporter who inquired about his marriage and whether or not his divorce was proceeding. He was irritated and asked, “You have a lot of energy to be interested in other people’s marriages. You are unconcerned about it. She is not your wife, but mine. Have you been asked about your wife by me?”

Later, during a press conference, he expressed similar remarks, saying that individuals should mind their own business and stay out of people’s marriages. Alikiba shared a sweet photo of Amina and their son today, in honour of his wife’s birthday. “Happy birthday to my darling wife,” he continued. The gossip mill was waiting to see if he would honour his wife’s birthday. Many couples’ marriages had already been doomed due to failure.
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