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Siri yafichuka! Reason why Brown Mauzo didn’t attend Gender Reveal Party


What a flashy party it was! According to the videos and photos shared online by the only guests, the gender reveals party for the unborn child was one to be remembered.

The well-known socialite, who doubles up as a business entrepreneur is heavily pregnant with Brown Mauzo’s unborn child. The pregnancy journey has been a good one as they consistently share their well-being online with their fans.

Vera Sidika admitted having conceived on Valentine’s day where everything was on the moon and there is where it all started. Overwhelmed by the feeling to be a mother, Vera held a flash gender reveal party for their unborn child, only for the father to be, not attending the function.

The absence of Mauzo did not stop the invites only guests to enjoy every bit of the minute with Vera, as the emcee (Eric Omondi) of the day carried it high leaving guests in stitches, though the absence raised eyebrows.

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Eric Omondi and Vera have been a vibe ever since Mauzo and Vera became a thing, and being an award-winning comedian and an emcee, Vera took the opportunity to hand Omondi the MIC to entertain the guests. There is when the two, Vera and Mauzo never agreed. It is believed Eric Omondi and Brown Mauzo don’t vibe, thus they can’t sit at one table, therefore, Mauzo opted to miss the eventful function.

In another video, Brown Mauzo was seen enjoying a cruise at the coast in the company of other guests where everything seemed colorful.

The gender reveals party was dominated by the emcee of the day as he was seen all hands around Vera, which left the onliner’s tongues wagging. Have they been feasting on each other before? Ama they are just “fising”?

Here is the full video of the Gender Reveal Party. Enjoy!