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Son Kills Father, Mother and Three Others in a Cold- Blood Murder in Kiambu


The murder of a couple and three others is still under investigation to ascertain the cause and how the son carried out the killing all by himself. According to the police, the son had confessed to doing it, starting with his mother and finished up the rest as the father tried to escape, but unfortunately, he caught up with him.
The 23-year-old is a university IT student and now stands as the prime suspect upon investigation into the incident.
The police arrested the son, known as Lawrence Simon Warunge, who tried to hide from the police after missing since the ordeal on Tuesday. He killed his parents, two of his brothers, and a worker brutally at their home located in Kiambaa Constituency, Kiambu County.

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After his arrest, the police recovered a kitchen knife used as the killer weapon, clothes, and shoes. Although he had thrown the evidence into a pit latrine, the police dug through the wall and recovered the exhibits almost 20 feet deep. He later took them to an area where he allegedly burnt some part of the evidence.

Even as Lawrence claims that he carried the cold blood murder alone, police suspect other parties. His girlfriend, who also lives in Mai Mahiu, is held for interrogation as they also trace a Boda Boda driver, which Lawrence used to flee from the crime scene.

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