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South African entertainment industry is not loud but it is rich, Otile Brown says

Otile Brown, Kenya’s well-known music star, is an outspoken man who does not hide anything he has learned from his experiences. Otile Brown, a singer who just traveled to South Africa, is likewise on a learning mission. According to Otile Brown, musicians in South Africa are so popular and well-known that even those who have just created two songs are well-known. This is not the case in Kenya.

Otile goes on to say that South Africa’s entertainment industry is more richer as a result of their supportive government, which has created a conducive environment for all musicians to fully develop their skills, and as a result, all musicians are proud of themselves and their work. “The South African entertainment sector is not noisy, but it’s rich.. serikali imewatengenezea Mazingira na wanajipenda sana,” writes Otile on Instagram.
Otile is taken aback by how extensively South African-produced music is played and given top billing in all South African entertainment venues such as clubs, restaurants, and the transportation business, in contrast to Kenya, where much of the music played is for outsiders. Otile goes on to say that the entertainment industry in South Africa has created a lot of jobs, and that even young musicians are doing well.
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