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SPORTS : A late Marcus Rashford goal breaths Manchester united back to life.

It was all tedious for both teams as all stepped in to show what they have.

Fewer months earlier , Manchester united were badly humiliated by Jose Mourinho man, and all looked Ole Gunner would be strapped off duties, but no, the management stood with him and that has truly paid.

United’s worthy moment came when Greenwood (Mason) had couple of chances, cutting across from the right wing on minute 34. The young English effort bore no fruits as it had no greater impact on the final third.

Bruno Fernandez proved he was the deal for the as his inswing charges kept the Wolves defence ontoes and always ready.

The second has was one of a kind. Minute 69 saw United pushing the ball into the Wolves nets through Cavan, which by far he was offside.

It all looked squared as the 90 Minutes clock ticked in before the referee pushed in four added minutes.

Wolves looked confident and contented as they kept maintaining the ball, but a surprise struck them as Fernandez cross met Rashford one on one with the Wolves goalkeeper, where Marcus ensured he never misses that, and yes he did score.

The last minute stoppage goal made the difference for the night, and that brought Manchester United back to life as they climbed the Premier League table to position two, 2 points behind league leaders Liverpool.

We want to congratulate Manchester United for the 3 points hardly fought for.

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