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St Aquinas boys high school parents protested after a form one boy was sodomised while in school

The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) has ordered the police to speed up their investigations into the defilement of a student at Aquinas School. “We demand that the molested patient be provided with proper medical care and that the police undertake speedy investigations and prosecute the culprit of this horrific act,” KHRC said in a tweet on its social media page. On Tuesday, parents of children at the school were arrested and imprisoned during a demonstration against the school administration’s cover-up of an incident.

KHRC later intervened and secured the release of all persons arrested during this protest. The Commission says learning institutions should not enable the predatory culture of sexual abuse by covering up such cases.Children’s rights campaigner Ndugu Nyoro, the founder of Affecto, a prominent Kenyan nonprofit that finances academics of disadvantaged pupils, took Kenyans on a harrowing journey from the day he was sexually raped to the doctor’s confirmation in a chilling narrative.

On Sunday night, the student grabbed him up and forced anal intercourse on him, leaving him ill and causing terrible discomfort during defecation. The form 1 pupil considered suicide because he was mentally tortured. “In the meantime, the form 1 boy was on the verge of committing himself as a result of his ordeal. Ndugu Nyoro narrates, “A student made him his wife for a night.”When his class teacher saw he was sick and enquired about it, he said he had a school fee balance and granted him a leave of absence to go home for a checkup.

“When his class instructor noticed he had been sick for days, he pretended he had a school fees balance (which he didn’t) and let him go home to get checked,” Nyoro explained. According to Nyoro, when the youngster returned home, his class instructor encouraged his parents to take him to the hospital. “I have a tape of him telling the boy’s mother to take him to the hospital.”After a medical evaluation, the parents confirmed that their kid had been sexually molested at the hospital. While filling out a Post Rape Care Form for survivors of rape, the child told a clinical officer at Avenue Hospital in Thika that he was sodomized on a Sunday night, January 30th, by an unidentified student.

Nyoro goes on to say that when he asked the school’s view on the problem, everyone declined to react, with many pretending to be aware of the situation. “Everyone from Aquinas High School that I’ve talked to (teachers) is acting as though this is a whole new situation to them,” Nyoro wrote. “The saddest part, in my opinion, is that Aquinas High School appears to be hiding the lad who messed up one student’s form.” Many people who remarked on the topic that has gone viral believe that this isn’t a unique event. Several people with knowledge of the school allege that this has been going on for a while, but the school has done an excellent job of burying it and keeping it out of the public eye.
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