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State house car purchases has been increased from sh10M to 300M

The budget for State House car purchases has been increased from Ksh.10 million to Ksh.300 million. The fuel budget has also been boosted by Ksh.25 million to Ksh.98.9 million as President Kenyatta’s administration closes up its term ahead of the August elections.
The increases are part of a supplementary budget that the Treasury has submitted to Parliament for consideration.

The budget includes an unannounced allotment labeled ‘other running expenses,’ as well as monies for car purchases and trips.The allowance for ‘other operational expenses’ has been increased by Ksh.1.05 billion over the Ksh.1.2 billion proposed last year. The State House budget has been increased by Sh1.89 billion to Ksh.5.88 billion, which includes an undisclosed budget, a car purchase, fuel, and a Ksh.205 million increase in travel and accommodation.

An additional Ksh.41 million has been set aside for machinery purchases, as well as a Ksh.20 million budget for car maintenance.On the other hand, the Deputy President’s office budget has been revised slightly from Ksh.1.41 billion to Ksh.1.43 billion, while a fresh allocation of Ksh.31.6 million shall go towards refurbishing Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s office.The State House budget increment is the highest among all ministries and State departments.

“The overall change in the national government ministerial budget, excluding the consolidated fund services and county allocations, from the original approved budget is an increase of Sh126.3 billion,” Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani was on Wednesday quoted by the Business Daily as telling Parliament.He also blamed the modifications on an increase in election spending, COVID-19 (which included the construction of a vaccine production plant), and the Kenya Airways and parastatals bailouts.

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