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Still can’t manage a smile-Ivy Namu confesses after hospital visit

Willis Raburu’s partner, Ivy Namu, is currently suffering from health issues. This information was exposed through the mother of one’s Instagram stories. Ivy grumbled about having to receive sutures for an unnamed medical ailment she was currently experiencing. She began, “I’ve never had to have stitches in my life until today.”

Despite everything, she said she was doing OK and will be back to normal in a few days. “Nimelia, but I’m doing fantastically well. It’ll be another 5 days before I’m back to normal.” Her revelation was startling in that she still couldn’t grin, leading one to wonder if it was the meds she was taking. “I’m still unable to grin. najihurumia najihurumia najihurumia najihurumi “She had completed her task.
She later sent out a more optimistic message to her fans and followers, stating that she was already feeling better and praising her fiancé, Willis. The Raburu family has had bad luck with their health this month. Due to a stomach ailment, Willis had to cancel an appearance a few weeks ago. The tall Citizen TV broadcaster had to cancel the April Babies event he was giving at Garage Thika due to illness
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