Home TRENDING Student suspended from Matungulu Girls for stealing Mangoes.

Student suspended from Matungulu Girls for stealing Mangoes.

A letter of suspension from a Machakos-based high school has caused an uproar on social media.
In the letter, a student of Matungulu girls high school is suspended for allegedly stealing mangoes from the school.

The letter signed by the principal requests the parent to accompany the student back to school after suspension is over.
Also, the parent is asked to talk to their child about the vice, ensure they clear all school arrears and bring 200 mangoes when coming back to school.

“Your daughter has committed an indiscipline and the purpose of this letter is to request you to accompany the child back to school and to bring back 200 pieces of mangoes, this letter, clear all school funds and advise her against the vice,” read the letter.
What angered netizens on social media was the school choosing to suspend the girl for such a minor issue.

“That is a very small issue and the school head seems to be petty to allow such,” said Cynthia Mueni, a Facebook user.

The school is yet to comment on the issue.
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