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Summer Bunnies Are Back: Show Offs As Usual (+Video)


A Kenyan expatriate working in the US as a truck driver but is back home for the December holidays, has shared a video of himself in a school alumni whatsapp group having a good time with an aspiring slay queen.

George Kanyi, bragged about of how he had an excellent time with a young ‘tight’ 23 year old Atieno Otieno vixen.

He wrote to the group members that he particularly liked the damsel coz she had no kid and had no sagging boobs.

He opened up thus
“I have officially stopped masturbation natemea ma nguku this round”

He continued “Ati alidai condom nika mpeleka na mtara tamwaga nje 🤣🤣🤣”

As the summer bunnies continue to trickle in the country, we are yet to witness things😊

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