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Suspects shot after snatching police officer’s phone

Two suspected criminals were shot in the legs after snatching a police officer’s mobile phone along the Thika Super Highway in Nairobi.

The suspects were injured by bullets and a beating from enraged boda boda riders, according to a statement from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).The suspects are recovering at a city hospital following their aborted mission, according to DCI, who stated that the suspects disobeyed orders to stop after robbing the undercover cop.
In the statement, the DCI explained that detectives opened fire and the criminals were each shot on their legs to restrain them but they braved the injuries and fled towards Ruaraka.

“The two thugs whose lives hang in the balance are currently receiving treatment at a city hospital, as Starehe based detectives wait for their discharge to slap them with appropriate charges, in strict conformity to the law,” the DCI’s statement read in part.

The two suspects were robbing vehicles and civilians along Thika Road when they took the phone from an undercover police officer driving a civilian vehicle, according to the DCI.”The robbery suspects who were shamelessly snatching mobile phones from motorists at the Allsopps interchange last evening met chief inspector Elizabeth Lumumba in her element after snatching a mobile phone from her driver Corporal Hassan Mbwana.

“The suspects proceeded to rob other motorists of their valuables, taking advantage of the traffic build-up that is characteristic of the interchange during rush hours. But in a case of the hunter becoming the hunted, Elizabeth attached to DCI’s Anti Narcotics branch and a fellow agent on the back seat jumped from the vehicle, whipped out their firearms and fired two shots at the thugs after they defied orders to stop,” the DCI stated.

When motorists noticed the cops after the group, they jumped out of their cars and followed them. Fortunately, boda boda riders intercepted the culprits, allowing cops to apprehend them.”This attracted the attention of other motorists who emboldened by the presence of the sleuths equally leapt out of their vehicles and joined in the chase, oblivious of the danger they had exposed themselves to.

“Torn between urging the motorists to remain in their vehicles or pursuing the suspects, Elizabeth chose the latter since the crowd had been joined by irate ‘nduthi’ men who cornered the thugs a few metres away,” the DCI added.

According to the DCI, the mob overpowered the police and the boda boda riders beat up the suspects who sustained injuries on the face.
“Pleas by the two detectives to let the law take its course fell on deaf ears, as the ‘nduthi’ men continued with their onslaught accusing the thugs of soiling their good reputation by using motorbikes to commit crimes.
“It took the intervention of the Officer Commanding Ruaraka police station and a contingent of his officers to calm the infuriated crowd and rescue the suspects, from their moment of death that had already beckoned,” the DCI narrated.
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