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Susumila’s Song featuring Sho Madjozi “Njoo” Causes Mixed Reactions


Susumila is at it yet again. In a bid to push the proverbial envelope, he has gotten himself out of his comfort zone and ventured more international. This time around, he has released an upbeat song, a sublime fusion of afro-pop and South African house music.  He has featured the sassy multi-award winner Sho Madjozi a South African rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and poet. The song’s vibe is all about a guy making moves at a chic, but the beauty is still hesitant to go to the guy.

Now the bone of contention in this song is majorly the delivery of the melodies; some argue that the song has shallow lines from both artists. Some say the music lacks content.

A renowned media personality, Meshack Dzombo, shared his sentiments on the same and tried to explain the new genre of music from South Africa that has caught the Kenyan Artist offside. In his arguments, he shared this;

This further stretched the debate, and both stakeholders of the music industry flooded the social media with different reactions.

In another post made by the KIDEKIDE hitmaker, producer Tee sparked up everything as fans came all gun blazing, accusing Susumila of not hitting the jackpot in that rare collaboration multi-talented Hip Hop Artist from South Africa.

All said, you could watch the song in question here, and listen to the lyrics and download the Mp3 Audio, and give out your verdicts on the same.

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