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The future is bright. Check out this young talented philanthropist Khushi – Sunsetkenya


Just amazingly how she is, Khushi is a young talented, and promising star who doubles up as a philanthropist at her age of Six.

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Artist name: Khushi Jayesh Shah
Age: 6yrs old
Daughter to: Bhavini Jayesh Shah and Jayeshkumar .M. Shah
And sister to Shrey jayeshkumar.

Khushi is a genius and a multi-talented individual who not only does artistic work, but also she possesses a bunch of unique talents which to her family is a blessing.

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She is an actress, model, singer, painter, and she can dance as well.

Having recorded her track that is currently doing well, Khushi is signed and managed by the Sali Muziq record label which is run by one SYLVESTER and Jeremy in partnership with MIWO BP(ZIDIMEDIA studios) for all videos and photos.



As smart as she is, Khushi has grasped some attention of bigger modelers with her captivating and joyous moves and calling posses in her photos. She lives to enjoy her beauty plus the energetic work she put in class too.

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See the Photos below:

Khushi has a big heart that’s why she always wishes and likes to help others achieve more. At her age, young Khushi has been able to donate some of her belongings to friends and always put a smile on their faces. A star is born.

Visit her Youtube Channel and subscribe so that you can make her grow. also, leave a motivating comment for her and make her believe in what she is doing.

To reach her, you can contact the SALI MUZIQ production management team at,

YouTube channel: Khushi singer
Instagram: @salimuziq
FB page: salimuziq7777
Twitter: @salimuziq

Under Sali Muziq, talents are nurtured, brought up, guided, and given the right way to follow. Reach their help desk at 0715775536 or 0728287428. Call or WhatsApp and they will be happy to serve you. Join the team today.

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